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Blogs are my friends/Facts about me

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by , 18th June 2012 at 11:39 PM (152 Views)
I love blogs and guess what?! I finished packing! Yay, now I have all the time in my life to read Contestshipping fic- *cough* I mean study hard and work on my Summer Reading Assignment for AP English. Yup! Well, I feel like people in this forum don't know me much, so I'll give out some random facts about me.

I arrange songs, and if you wanna check them out, look for "randomuniq" in
I lettered in band in 8th grade.
I received Advanced on all the Standardized Tests for the past 3 years (lol I brag too much)
I am Asian.
My favorite legendary is Mew.
I'm very clumsy.
I dance rather psychotically when no one is around. (Once I got so into the song, I tripped and hit my heel on a metal thing that was sticking out and tore off a few layers of skin)
If I hurt something (scraped knee, tearing off layers of skin, tripping, etc.) I'm very secretive about it and no one knows until the thing is healed.
I really like electronics.
I think "fornicating", "armpit", and "flub" are hilarious words and I tend to laugh when someone says one of those words.
I can't finish one baked potato.
I've been to 34 of the 50 states.
I am known to burst into a song as if I was in a musical.
My laugh can be heard across the classroom but my voice can't be heard unless if you're in a 5 inch radius from me.
My smile doesn't tug upwards too much, it's more of a straight smile.
I CANNOT do a cartwheel, somersault, any tumbling of any kind.
I sang Bass and Soprano 2 this year in Choir.
I used to play Piccolo until I figured I was a much better flautist.
I solved a Rubik's cube... with a guide.

Well, that's all I got for now. I invite everyone who sees this post to do a facts about them too!

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