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  1. Clearing out stuff

    Not sure if this is an appropriate use of the blog feature but I'm trying to get rid of stuff that's just not getting used and taking up space:

    Trade Me - Listings from snugglefox

    If you see something you like but don't live in New Zealand contact me to discuss payment and shipping options.
  2. You ever look at an old pic of yourself

    and realize "Damn i kinda looked like a potato"
  3. Coming Soon: Through Sapphire Skies: A New Journey

    With OR/AS on the horizon, I'm going to do another novelization--but May will not be alone--Ash, Brock, and Max are coming as well.

    But why is May getting badges now? Easy --she wants to try out training again now that she is an older and wiser trainer (with Ash stepping in the role of the Gym guy as her coach)

    Other things that will appear:

    --Campfire tales
    --A concert from The Red Masters
    --Battle trainers in game will be general encounters ...
  4. How to Conquer Kanto in Eight Easy Steps Review (Chapter Sixty Four)

    Now we move on to another one of the site's more award-friendly journey fics, as well as the home of the co-winner of Best Protagonist and winner of Best Antagonist last cycle. And a lot of awards before that.

    How to Conquer Kanto in Eight Easy Steps by @AceTrainer14

    Synopsis: Alaska Acevedo is on a mission to prove you can win the Indigo League without using a traditional starter, documenting her journey through her blog. Her plans are threatened ...
    Fan Fic Reviews
  5. Is there such thing as going too HAM?

    As you can see, the rubber grip from my 3DS' Circle pad came off. I've had this 3DS for I think 3 years now, and never had any kind of problems with it... well, aside from the metal stylus it came with, breaking. I take care of my stuff. I still own all of my toys that I had when I was a kid, (I have them stored in boxes. Planning on giving them to ...

    Updated 5th November 2014 at 08:00 PM by DJ Omega

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