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Zexy Birthday Party Blog!

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Hello, Bulbagarden. I am Zexy, and I am seventeen…

… like a Dancing Queen!

About time for another little blog, this means!
A mentionfest to all those that wished to me, it is. I thank you all guys a REAL lot. Time to throw a blog party for all of you! xD

[spoiler @97SaturnSL1;
@Bishie Karis-chan;
@Charles Snippy;
@Darth Darkrai;
@Durbe; Thanks to you, I got the idea to post that Leviathan Dragon up there :)
@Eternal Shadows;
@Farfetchd the Vigilante;
@Leggo; Rainbow text was cool :)
@Markos; yours were special, they were in Greek. The only one to do so χΔ
@Midorikawa; , it’s your turn now.
@Neo Blaze;
@Niji; Special mention because she pulled off quite the special thing for the occasion xD
@Scarlet Sky;
@Shiny Celebi;
@Shiny Metagross;
@The absolis;
@Wild Jr.;

Time for all of us to PARTY!
You will need these

Have fun partying!

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Updated 8th May 2014 at 12:42 PM by Zexy



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  1. ScarletSky's Avatar
    Sorry Zexy, I ate the cake already.
  2. Zexy's Avatar
    You can just eat more!
    More cake is always good
  3. Phoenixon's Avatar
    You might be 17. But you're not a dancing queen. Sorry.
  4. Dolce's Avatar
    Happy belated birthday!
  5. Zexy's Avatar
    Phoenixon: No. I am the dancing queen. I dance, jive, have the time of my life, and win! xD

    Thanks, Dolce! sneakily adds your name in the mentionfest
  6. Midorikawa's Avatar
    I'm going to have to upstage that tonight when I have cake and sexy anime guys for my birthday
  7. Zexy's Avatar
    I wanna see that
    It was a nice idea to keep the anime guys alive instead of hosting a game where they would kill each other in the end xD
  8. Norzan's Avatar
    Happy Birthday!
  9. Neo Blaze's Avatar
    Once more, happy 17th hope you had an awesome day.
  10. Zexy's Avatar
    more additions
  11. Phoenixon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zexy
    I dance, jive, have the time of my life, and win! xD
    Pics or it didn't happen.
  12. Zexy's Avatar
    ninjad. Once more thanks, Neo Blaze.

    I don't have pics but plz trast mii eet hapend
  13. Phoenixon's Avatar
    So, are you also young and sweet?
  14. Apawn's Avatar
    Lol partay time
  15. Marius's Avatar
    You didn't mention me? ;.; Nah, jk. Happy birthday!
  16. Farfetchd the Vigilante's Avatar
    *Chugs the Grape Soda*
  17. The absolis's Avatar
    Happy birthday! I'm afraid I kinda ate all the food without sharing any of it
  18. Erdrick's Avatar
    No Mountain Dew? This is blasphemy
    ...wait, you have chocolate on chocolate cake. All is good.
  19. Pain Split's Avatar
    @Shiny Metagross; Look, over there! Do you see that whole plate chock-full of strawberries over on the other side of the table?

    *dips a piece of cookie into a blue shot and eats it* Hm. That's... an interesting flavor. *dips a piece of cookie into a red shot and eats it* Hm. That's also an interesting flavor. *dips a piece of cookie into both the red and blue shots and eats it* Mm... PERFECTION. *downs the red and blue shots together with a cucumber sammich* Nope, bad idea. I don't even like cucumbers.
  20. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    Happy Birthday :)

    Woo party!
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