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You look blue...

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by , 26th March 2013 at 02:23 PM (148 Views)
Annoying Bluish ZEXAL Turtle is not at his best mood today. Guess how he looks. BLUE!

Well, the point is, I was catching up to ZEXAL a while ago, and in a scene where Astral (for those who don't know, look at him) was in a bad mood (and Yuma wasn't, yeah it happens sometimes...), Yuma said: "You look blue..." To which Astral replied: "It's because of my figmentation!"

The point is, this very same joke was also used in WITCH (people say it's girlish, I disagree). At Vathek (who BTW is that guy)

I am pretty sure that 4Kids dubbed them both (technically WITCH is a dub too...).

I am BlueWartortle, and I look blue. WHADDAYA SAY?

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  1. Vubberth's Avatar
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    Shouldn't "figmentation" be "pigmentation", or is that the joke? I've never seen either show. XD
  2. Zexy's Avatar
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    It is a multi-sided pun pulled off by 4Kids, I think. Anyway...


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