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Number 104: Onyxia

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Hello, everyone! This is the 104th blog in Bureido's Zexual Corner.
Number 104 stands for Masquerade, and we all know what said masquerade was about. However, I am gonna mention some other character I liked (from a completely different place). She was my first thought when I heard the M word in the past, but after ZEXAL II this has changed.

Lets take things from the start. Onyxia is a dragon. Onyxia is a "she". Onyxia exists in the Warcraft universe, which consists of all Warcraft Games and expansions, plus the World of Warcraft MMORPG.

More backstory: She is a dragon, of the black dragonflight. FYI, Warcraft's dragons are split in 5 colors: Red, Blue, Green, Bronze and Black. Over the course of the history, it is the black one who became the "bad guys", allthough certain organizations and individuals from the other four have become villains in one way or another.

Onyxia is the daughter of the Black Leader (and archenemy of the archenemies) Deathwing. However, she is a woman. Instead of relying on sheer firepower to prove her worth, she uses more subtle tactics. And here is where the masquerade begins.

Target: the humans. Unlike other franchises/universes, humans are not the only "bad@ss mortals" here. They are just a considerable group of them, as dwarves, gnomes, elves and orcs take the spot as well.

Said humans were once absolute rulers of the land, but over time, all that remained of them was two kingdoms. The one is essentialy dumped for most of the plot, so we are sticking with one, BIG and glorious.

Said kingdom was ruled by the King called Varian Wrynn. He was quite a good guy, though he gets some anger tantrums, but not the ruthless ruler in the general sense. He had a wife, the Queen and a son, named Anduin.

Onyxia's plan was to masquerade as a noble to manipulate the things from inside. But in order to achieve further control, the queen had to die. To this extent, she gathered the city's builders/architechts, and made them riot through diplomatic movements her position allowed her to do. In said riot, the queen was conveniently killed.
To clarify things, Onyxia herself has the power to look human (all dragons in Warcraft can do it), plus, her name under said disguise was Katrana Prestor, here is a pic: (enlarge it)

Said builder group was named the Defias Brotherhood, and Onyxia kept pulling the strings even after the queen's death. The former citizens left the capital and became terrorists in the woods.

For years, she was able to pull strings, but after a good 10 years have passed, new tensions arose all over the world and the prince, now a little but really intelligent child, started to have lots of influence at the king, who now was suspicious of the noble called Katrana Prestor.

In what was supposed to be a peace summit of major importance, the King had to journey through ship to the meeting point. Onyxia, however, had a backup plan. Using the Defias terrorists (what was left of them, since most of the org. was killed by the player characters), she armed a ship and managed to abduct the king and put him in a magic-guarded island. Her dragon brethren performed dark magic on him, as she returned to the city to continue the masquerade.

Over the weeks, the Kingdom became worried on the King's absence. Katrana capitalized on that, and announced that she and some other noble called Bolvar Fordragon would act as regents, while the 10-year-old prince will still get coronated as King. This all happened, after Onyxia ensured control on the other noble through a magical amulet.

Meanwhile, the king escaped the prison, but the dark magic caused a weird effect on him: he split into two, with the one part of him escaping while developing amnesia, and the other one staying on the island. Said split also made the parts develop different personalities: the amnesiac one kept the passion, fighting spirit but also arrogance of the king, while the other one was as modest and humble as she wanted him to be.

She organized the assumed return of the King, while only the part she wanted would return. She achieved it, stopping the regency but still having control over anyone in the House of Nobles minus the Prince. Of course, said Prince Genius realized that something was going wrong with Papa.

The other half wandered around with amnesia, becoming a gladiator, managing to free himself and his new friends from their slavery and finally remembering what really happened. Meanwhile, a Field Marshal from the kingdom decided to investigate without authority on the Prestor matter. He got imprisoned by Onyxia's brother, but the player characters managed to let him free, getting informed of the real masquerade.

The two parties (Marshal and players, amnesiac king and new friends) finally meet and raid their own city for justice. In a shocking scene, Onyxia's masquerade is revealed, as she turns into dragon form alongside with some guards that were dragons as well. She kills the Marshal and some friends, then abducts the prince and flies away.

In the final assault, everyone who survived the ordeal (including some other guys) attack Onyxia in her very lair, destroying her eggs and saving the prince just before he would get executed (she was TOO slow on this matter, so forced). Everyone was forced to retreat because of her deadly attacks, but the two kings still wanted to get revenge. In a total-b@d@ss moment, they fuse into one, their swords fusing as well, and with a final blow, she is gone for good.


Okay, this is her story, and I should really thank you if you got the courage to read it whole.
Anyways, comparing her to our little Vecty, which one sounds best? For some reason, despite my Zexuality, I can't choose.

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  1. Niji's Avatar
    Vecty, you piece of crap :3 . Wow, this Warcraft sounds pretty cool, by the way.
  2. Zexy's Avatar
    @Firebrand; Well, I must thank you because you are always here to like and comment, no matter what random stuff I may post in these "Over-Hundred Number" blogs I do :))

    Vecty is crappy enough, this is why I consider Onyxia an equally good masquerader (she was TOO bad@ss in her role*, but the emotional thing was not touched an inch, compared to what Vector did to poor Yuma).

    Warcraft lore is too cool, the games are okay but sometimes not worth the cost and time and effort.

    *More Warcraft bugging here, because I want to clear something out: Onyxia is bad@ss, because when you play WoW as a human character, you do LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of questing involving the Kingdom's "secret" and all the stuff, that hunt towards the unknown intrigued me.
    Warcraft really expanded in this aspect in his early days, there is another cool story with said hunt, but maybe some other time.
  3. xXFrostXx's Avatar
    I've actually never played WoW, so this is the first I've heard about this character. Very interesting.

    And Vector, make all the adorable noises you want, you are still a piece of crap. XD
  4. Zexy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by xXFrostXx
    I've actually never played WoW, so this is the first I've heard about this character. Very interesting.

    And Vector, make all the adorable noises you want, you are still a piece of crap. XD
    Said character was a "staple" of older WoW (5 years ago that is).
    Latest WoW has different guys, allthough the lore is always quite better than the game.

    Vector? Noises? What I like in him is his facial expressions! Invaluable....
  5. xXFrostXx's Avatar
    I was referencing that little noise he made in episode 111 after Yuma fell to the ground. Oh, his facial expressions are great too.
  6. Zexy's Avatar

    *don't try to screw it by liking this post. do NOT I said*
    @xXFrostXx; Ninja'd me. Yup, yup, in fact I have not watched 111 whole because PC lagged those 2-3 days after airing.
    So, I kinda only saw the end.


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