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Me and DST: Love Forever!

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Annoying Bluish ZEXAL Turtle blogs it!

Okay, I know you Catholic guys get your Easter tomorrow morning, and I wish all of you a Happy Easter! Yet, the best thing we Orthodox Greeks get tomorrow is Daylight Saving Time. It changes at 3AM GMT+2 of the last Sunday of March.

That is, I grabbed the chance to blog about the concept of Daylight Saving Time. Well, as the title implies, I love Daylight Saving Time! With DST around, it can go 10PM with daylight in summer. After all, it's purpose is to save daylight! Not only does it save energy, it keeps the temperature in check for people to stroll around at ease till 4AM! That's Mediterranean Climate for me xD

However, I notice that most people (either online or offline) don't think of DST the same way I do. They call it as hindering in the morning, since all jobs start 1 hour earlier and all sleep ends 1 hour earlier. Yet, I don't think that they like the positives of it less than me. It's just, they overexpose the drawbacks, while I prefer to not do so. Whatever.


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