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Another blog so soon within the day... but it's been a blogsplosion these hours anyways so

I have been joking around the title phrase for SO LONG, it feels great to be able to say it for real once!
I am SO amazed and excited about this! As always, people expect remakes A LOT and finally get them!
I want to see how will Gen 6 deal with the region, if the plot will be like the original, what changes will it bring and all! Hoenn was the first region I have played through, I feel lots of nostalgia about it! YAYAYAYAYAY!

@Eternal Shadows; Your Sinnoh theories have to wait a gen or two xD

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  1. DarkMeow's Avatar

    Enough of my shouting, I'm soooo happy for Hoenn remakes! I wasn't around until the 4th gen, but I'm excited to see what everyone else has been saying was an awesome generation! WOOHOO! I'm saving up so I can get both of them as according to custom of mine.

    CONGRATZ HOENN FANS! *Cheers loudly*
  2. Zexy's Avatar
    As a person that started on Gen 3, I am forced to bug your throat with comments like "Gen 3 was the best!" etc.
    Well, objectively I think it was an interesting region. Hope you get both, because they are cool! xD
    I mostly want to see Hoenn in 3D, esp. since it is the only main series region not yet shown in DS graphics.
  3. Oaky's Avatar
    WOOHOOOO! I am excited...I really would like to see this in 3D, similar to XY. And ALKJFSlKADJSFLADJs this should be good. Damnit.
  4. Durbe's Avatar
    Having played all the main games, I loved Gen III a ton. My only problem was certain areas needing certain bikes to access. I'll probably get Alpha since its my birthstone and Arceus's classification combined.


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