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Favourite Pokemon Music

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by , 25th March 2013 at 08:22 AM (1010 Views)
What's your favourite music track from Pokemon?

Mine is Gen 5 Victory Road. All that leading up, plus the final product. Epic.

What about yours?

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  1. Scarlet Sky's Avatar
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    There are several to like tbh. Most of mine come from Gen IV. I guess I could narrow it down to Cyrus's battle theme, Mt. Coronet Peak, and Cynthia's Encounter theme. (The piano number that plays before the Champion battle.)
  2. Zexy's Avatar
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    Yep, the piano theme was UBER. The others are too spacey for my standards
  3. Milkapoke's Avatar
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    In my own opinion, Gen III (by far) had the best music.

    Best track ever is an easy pick for me: Team Magma's Maxie/Team Aqua's Archie Final Battle Music. It sends chills down my spine every time.

    The only "recent" music I like was Cynthia's Champion music in Gen IV. But then again, I liked only the beginning of it.
  4. Zexy's Avatar
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    True, RSE had great music. Mt Pyre, Aqua/Magma, Underwater, Abandoned Ship... Even the Elite Four/Champion themes were nice.

    It's just, Gen 5 is closer to me. I liked those themes as much as I like Victory Road now back at Gen 3.

    Unfortunately, the more generations that pass, the more horrible music we get. Which makes me fear about Gen 6...
  5. Zima's Avatar
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    The vast majority of my favorite Pokemon music tracks come from Generation III.

    -Petalburg City
    -Rustboro City
    -Surfing Theme
    -Sootopolis City

    All of them are great, though. XD

    I also love Driftveil City and The Muskedeer's battle theme from Generation V.
  6. Mijzelffan's Avatar
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    Sky Arrow Bridge. Mt. Pyre is pretty cool too.
  7. Rainbow Cloud's Avatar
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    As a coincidence I posted about my favourite pokemon music on another site last night, anyway my favourite pokemon music is:

    National Park - both GSC and HGSS versions although I prefer the latter
    Don't ever forget - PMD Time/Darkness/Sky
  8. Zexy's Avatar
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    Striaton, Castelia, Nimbassa, Driftveil, Mistralton, Opelucid B and Opelucid W are all great! Especially Mistralton.
    From older gens, Violet/Olvine, Goldenrod/Bike and Azalea/Blackthorn were great as well. I prefer their FR/LG Sevii Adaptations as well as HG/SS Biking.
    Also Unova Surfing...

    From battles, FRLG Champion, Cynthia piano, Cynthia battle (DPPT), Iris battle to some point (it's FUN, really special for game music) but Kyurem's the best hands-down.
  9. UnovaCastaway's Avatar
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    N's Farewell and the Johto Champion theme.
  10. Pokémon Master Ash's Avatar
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    #1) "Kanto Elite Four/Gym Battle Theme" [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zd6uH15cJRM]Pokémon Anime Sound Collection- Kanto Elite Four/Gym Battle Theme - YouTube[/url]
    #2) "Tears After the Cloudy Weather"
    #3) "Johto Rival Battle"
    #4) "Heroes of Hoenn"

    #1) Kanto Gym Battle Theme
    #2) Johto Wild Battle Theme
    #3) Hoenn Wild Battle Theme
    #4) Sinnoh Elite Four Theme
    #5) Black and White Trainer Theme
  11. Zexy's Avatar
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    From dubbed Anime it's definitely Dawn's Contest Appeal for me...
    Too bad May didn't get something for herself.

    From Japanese I say that the last three openings are just the Greatest!!! Saiko!!!


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