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  1. Back (but only for a while)

    Hello, Bulbagarden! I would like to remind you that I am not dead, and I haven't forgotten you either. I'm just VERY busy with school, and so it will be until June. Yet I found a little time to throw in a little hi to my old friends, because I miss you all! Hope you see this because as far as I know, most of you don't frequent blogs too much. But I won't bother mentioning people.

    So, how is everyone doing?
  2. Zexy Bulbaversary: Round 2

    It has been two years. Two years of lots of great fun and forum excitement. I have met numerous friends and had numerous talks, all of which were really interesting or funny. The two years had happy moments, sad moments, inactive moments… I am still happy for all that has happened in general.

    So, let me analyze all the important stuff that hapenned this year… They should dwindle down to three things; one, I made lots of really good friends (as in “best friends”); two, I started ...

    Updated 9th June 2014 at 03:10 PM by Zexy


    Another blog so soon within the day... but it's been a blogsplosion these hours anyways so

    I have been joking around the title phrase for SO LONG, it feels great to be able to say it for real once!
    I am SO amazed and excited about this! As always, people expect remakes A LOT and finally get them!
    I want to see how will Gen 6 deal with the region, if the plot will be like the original, what changes will it bring and all! Hoenn was the first region I have played ...
  4. Zexy Birthday Party Blog!

    Hello, Bulbagarden. I am Zexy, and I am seventeen…

    … like a Dancing Queen!

    About time for another little blog, this means!
    A mentionfest to all those that wished to me, it is. I thank you all guys a REAL lot. Time to throw a blog party for all of you! xD


    Updated 8th May 2014 at 12:42 PM by Zexy

  5. 150th blog: Pokemon Emerald progress.

    Well, this is my 150th blog. I don't have lots of fancy stuff up. I just remembered that I recently blogged about getting new offline Pokefan friends and playing Emerald all over... I'll just throw a few info on the progress here.

    So, I started with a Torchic (male), because it was my very first Pokemon, and also because I have thought a great nickname for it... Zexy. Twitch, combined with my former username, made for a cool nickname.

    I caught a Zigzagoon (male) nicknamed ...

    Updated 2nd April 2014 at 03:25 PM by Zexy

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