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Blogging about a trip

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by , 19th April 2013 at 10:44 AM (232 Views)
Orange mass of text appeared!
What should USER do?

---- Okay, the paranoia ends here :) --------------

Well, the most "addicted" of you should have noticed that I havent posted anything for 3 days.
The reason: I was away. I thought of blogging about it before leaving, but I was just not into the blogging mood.

Now, however, I am fresh from a trip, rejuvenated (and extremely tired :)) and with Easter Break coming soon, I will be blogging a bit more 'round these parts.

Out of all things, I lost the very end of Episode N (thank Bulbapedia, there were lots of spoilers in the page so I found out what hapenned). Whatever.

THE END. I told you, I can't blog any longer.

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