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1000 likes mentionfest (aka Likennium!)

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This is a mentionfest dedicated to the people who gave me 1000 likes! First come the 50 most recent likegivers, then the 50 very first ones.

To all of you, inactive and active alike, I have one thing to say:

Thanks for the like!

Thanks for letting me reach Likennium!

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Updated 27th May 2014 at 03:16 PM by Konstantinos



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  1. Markos's Avatar
    You're welcome. ·ω·
  2. Oaky's Avatar
    I liked this. There's another one for ya ;)
  3. Eleven's Avatar
    So many mentions. @_@

    You're welcome, Sexy Zexy.
  4. Konstantinos's Avatar
    @He Who Must Be Named; and @Oaky; A bigger thank you to my BF's who commented on this!

    EDIT: Okay, @Zima; too. I need no antagonism! :))
  5. Oswin's Avatar
    *Goes and unlikes said post*
  6. Lorde's Avatar
    No problem sexy ze.... @Zima; how about making your own nicknames yeah? D~:<
  7. Delta Uncle Edit's Avatar
    Your welcome. Another Like incoming!
  8. HumanDawn's Avatar
    *feeds with likes*
  9. Konstantinos's Avatar
    @Oswin; *unmentions you* @Masta apex; Thanks, Dad! Do eet, Zeems! @Mega Uncle Edit Y; Thank ya, MUEY! @HumanDawn; I am sorry, I can't like your comment. Thanks anyway.
  10. Mokoniki's Avatar
    Haha, you're welcome~
  11. Rainbow Cloud's Avatar
    Happy Likennium Zexy!

    Thanks for the mention :)
  12. Konstantinos's Avatar
    @Mokoniki; No problem. @Shadow Umbreon; I like that term! Let's edit it in the blog! You're welcome.
  13. HumanDawn's Avatar
  14. Konstantinos's Avatar
    @HumanDawn; Access denied. Again :((

    EDIT: He Who Must Be Named and Shadow Umbreon now have a "special mention" tag where they got mentioned; Likennium added to the blog title.
  15. Eleven's Avatar
    I won't like your post until you mention me. :P

    Just kidding. Liked~
  16. Konstantinos's Avatar
    @Zima; Thanks for the like :))
  17. Eleven's Avatar
    OMG. I get a mention anyway! *hugs*
  18. Konstantinos's Avatar
    @Zima; Duh? You are #10 of the list and get 2 mentions now! Are you still let down?
  19. Hidden Mew's Avatar
    You're welcome. ^_^
  20. Konstantinos's Avatar
    @Hidden Mew; Thanks for using some of your time to comment me!
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