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Insomnia and Coffee

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by , 27th September 2012 at 09:09 AM (157 Views)
It's difficult, especially when people make you sleep when you simply can't.

Remember that previous post about coffee? I was trying to ease up on it, but earlier today while I was at school, a really bad headache hit me in fourth period. Seeing as it went away shortly after I had a cup again, I'm assuming it's from caffeine withdrawal. It's perfectly possible, seeing as I take four cups a day. It might not seem much to some, but I'm young, and my body probably isn't ready for this yet.

Of course, I was trying to ease up on it because it was worsening my insomnia. A 3 am bedtime when I have to wake up at 5 am isn't good.

It's so weird. I definitely should reduce my coffee intake since it's worsening my insomnia. But obviously I've become dependent on it and I can't just take it away. But then I need sleep too, like any other human being.

I'll get terrible headaches either way; either from the withdrawal or lack of sleep. A rock and a hard place, eh?

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