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I miss the Internet.

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I'm here because I decided that giving in and entering the internets for a bit, despite being a breach of my promise to myself to not slack off during this truly hellish Hell Week...is necessary. I NEED TEH CYBERSPACE. Also, I need to rant about this stupid week.

So yeah, Hell Week. I think today--which my class has decided to call 'Judgment Day'--would be a good indicator of just how fucked this week is. Today was the due date of three projects (one worth 30% of your grade), the test day of two 40-item long exams (one was about 19 chapters of a painfully boring novel, and the other entailing really lengthy computation), and two 35-item 'quizzes'. So four tests. I only got two-and-a-half hours of sleep last night.

Though 'Judgment Day' is the worst, the other days aren't far behind. We are to submit one project, start another and take two tests tomorrow, and tomorrow is widely considered to be the day with the lightest load.

And if that wasn't bad enough, the final exams are next week, and I'd bet my soul that no one's been able to start reviewing yet. Not even for the test that is about all 64 chapters of said painfully boring novel.


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  1. Vanillish Twilight's Avatar
    I know that feel, I also told myself not to go back to online forums because they seriously interfere more with my study habits than even Youtube and Tumblr combined, not exaggerating, and yet I still find myself here, but at least now I have the self control to leave at 10:30 PM instead of like staying up past midnight. but wow you got a lot more work than I have, probably because I'm still in first year high school and they go easy on the freshmen, our final exams are next week too and I still haven't studied for literature, crap


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