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Destined for Failure

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by , 27th October 2012 at 10:45 AM (250 Views)
I very rarely log on to Facebook, but every time I do, a truckload of bullshit is shoved down my gullet.

Apparently, I missed some big shit. 10 hours ago our (self-)appointed artist posted the poster she'd made for our class film in the class' Facebook group. It went with this description:

POSTER1. I need suggestions. tell me if it's too much or if I'm missing something. HELP!!!! I need your comments now before I leave for vacation. :)
I know of no other way to interpret that than a request for constructive criticism. Which is good, since we're all in this production together, and we're all royally screwed if the poster sucks, the poster would get genuine comments by people who really do want it to improve.

The best kind of comment. Genuine, wholehearted, concerned.

These. I'm trying not to lose too much in translation:

That's a nice poster! I think a darker background would improve it, though.
Hey, I like the poster! Since the film is a Rom-Com, I think a little tweaking for fluff would help.
The background is nice; the play is set in school, right? But it could use a little more stuff :) Didn't we plan a 'cyber' motif? And I also think that the background would be better if it were a little darker. I like the actors' poses, BTW! :)
Do any of those seem the slightest bit offensive to you? Because they utterly aren't, in my eyes. They're not too frank, there are a lot of praises in the mix, and no one is trying to insult our artist.

Two hours later, a new poster was put up on the Facebook group, with this description:

POSTER2. okay I needed comments but don't be bossy. if you think what I did was trash THEN YOU DO IT. :) I don't appreciate you going "do this, do that." THEN DO THE THING YOURSELVES. :) Nice seeing all my effort ignored. :) To all of you who seem to want to make the poster yourselves you can contact me and I'll give you all the files. :) If it's too plain, and there isn't enough fluff then DO IT YOURSELVES. :) Apparently you're all PROS at poster making and I am nothing compared to you. :) Just do it yourselves instead of complaining, thank you! :)
I really don't understand why she needed to respond with such heavy, insulting sarcasm. Wasn't she asking for comments? For advice? To be told if the poster 'needed something'? Why then, this anger?

No one thought it was trash. They all loved it. No one is trying to take your beloved artist job from you. We let you take it, and had complete faith in you. No one is being bossy, and no one is claiming to be a 'pro'.

And all the sarcastic smileys really got under my skin.

This is an immature, childish mindset. The sort that will get you nowhere.

The only thing keeping me from raging at her (and thereby worsening the situation) is willpower.

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  1. Infinity Mk-II's Avatar
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    - Ask for suggestions
    - Get mad at suggestions

  2. Parma's Avatar
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    she's probably the type that wanted shiny rainbows and people to adore her work.
  3. Karamazov's Avatar
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    So many smilies :)
  4. 33Whimsicott33's Avatar
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    This all just looks like self-conscious sensitivity at its extreme. People who are insecure will naturally have a tendency to strike at what seems like non-provocation to others.

    You should just ignore what you see or help it out in the way that she would be able accept. But one thing's for sure, it would be even worse if the criticism was any less constructive.
  5. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
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    I tend to be like that whenever I need help on my work.


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