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Pokémon Black and White has finally begun airing in the Philippines! BW001 finished just a while ago (as of the time I am typing this), and though I missed the first few 20 minutes of it, I'm happy.

Very, very, happy. :D

Though, we're like, how many years late?

But whatever.

I estimate that it started at around 6:00. Strange, though; I don't recall promotion of any sort. No commercials, no nothing. None. Nada. Zilch. Which was a bad way to handle it, I think. My sister just happened to be channel surfing when she came upon Pokémon on CN. If not by that stroke of luck, I might not have known. Beyblade Metal Fury got ten times more promotion than this; there were even ads in one of the leading toy store chains. Even if you count the Happy Meal toy thing, it's still too little.

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  1. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    Too bad Pikachu lost all of his Electric powers by Zekrom, yet it still has a tough time beating a lvl 5 Snivy with his non-Electric type moves, but what difference it'll make as Electric is not very effective against Grass.
  2. John Understands's Avatar
    2 years late from Japan (Sept. 2010), 1 year and 9 months late from USA (February 2011)


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