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"Ah, and what a castle it is. Cavernous halls and ruined towers, ghosts and draughts, ruinous to heat, impossible to garrison . . . and there’s that small matter of a curse.”
- Petyr Baelish, Lord of Harrenhal


    by , 16th June 2013 at 09:29 AM (Harrenhal)
    Unlike most recent blog posts that bring word of THAT EDUCATION PLACE, I am not writing to announce the conclusion of an academic year, but rather the beginning of one. It starts tomorrow, and I do not think I am emotionally ready.

    I think I'm mentally ready, though. To prove that the two-month period of brain dormancy known as "summer vacation" has not completely weathered away my scholastic ability, or that I have at least retained enough of it to proceed with the next ...