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Like you care.


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by , 13th April 2013 at 11:53 PM (281 Views)
Well this sucks... I have some really vicious malware in my new laptop, claiming to be "Win 7 Security cleaner" and
it is NOT easy to get rid of.
The best I could do after 45 minutes was finding the file and throwing it in the recycle bin. It made the notifications
stop, but it just made it harder to access and it's probably
still in my computer.


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  1. MegaCharr's Avatar
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    Your going to have to fish out the file from your file system

    When you put files in recyccle bin and tap not actually deleated the file but you "releaved" it from the file system so it does not clame disk space...

    You will need to use two programs for your suation:
    One:a program that will find files that have been "releaved" by the file system,you will noticed how much stuff you really haven't deleted at all

    Two: then download a "file shredder" program...this is what will distroy the virus...what the shredder program does is a selected file is distroyed from being recovered from even by the FBI by writing a bunch of non since code to the file...

    Hope that helps and good luck.

    How to recover deleted files from your PC or mobile device | Apple |
  2. John Understands's Avatar
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    Remove Win 7 Security Cleaner Pro (Uninstall Guide)

    I never got the virus, but here is a site to help you out.


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