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So I watched Spell of the Unown last night...

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by , 9th September 2012 at 02:48 AM (162 Views)
...Twice. Yes I watched the 3rd movie twice. With and without commentary. I think I enjoyed the commentary as much, if not, more than the actually movie. The commentary was flippin hilarious, and really interesting. they brought up topics like Ash's dad, and what they have to go through to dub it, animals in the pokemon world, why there isnt much logic to the show sometimes, stuff like that. now to paraphrase my favorite parts of the commentary(because i cant remember EXACTLY what is said)

"I think the main reason why the franchise is so popular is because they want Pokemon to be real...(goes on for a while on this topic)"
"And don't worry, Nintendo is working on it, but we're gonna have to wait quite a few years (lols)"

"it's really nice for the kids in the Pokemon world, they get to go out on their own, and they don't have their parents scolding them for every single thing. And they somehow have an infinite supply of food with no apparent source of income" "I bet Brock somehow takes care of that..."

"What eveyone here has wondered is, what is with Ash's dad? he was only mentioned once, in...the first episode or something. We did contact our Japanese counterparts and they promised that we would see more of Ash's dad in season 5.. so stay tuned!"
me:(has watched entire season five) YOU LIE!

If anyone has seen the movie recently(or not), you may remember the part where Ash is climbing up the waterfall to get into the mansion, using Chickorita and Bulbasaur's vine whip to pull him up. here's what they had to say,

"We actually had some physicists come in and we asked if it was even physically possible to do this. they said that with Chickorita and Bulbasaur pulling Ash's weight at the edge of a waterfall, they would all immediately fall down the waterfall"
"Yeah, that is quite a stretch"
"unless there was some sort of suction or glue on the Pokemon's feet"

"You know, it is always assumed that the Pokemon world is a world where animals are replaced by Pokemon. But rooster crows have been heard, and they've been seen eating chicken. That makes me wonder, where did the chicken come from?
"what if they were eating Pokemon?"
"I sure hope not."
"I dont wan't to visualize that..."
that made me lol SOO hard

Also, throughout the commentary, they talked about the logic. They gave a perfect explanation why the show occasionally doesn't make any sense. they said in some parts they had to CHANGE the dialouge from the Japanese version because it didn't make any sense.
"The eastern(Asian) audiences don't really question errors or the logic of the show. It's just something that happens. Theyre more focused on the initial storyline. However, the western(American) audiences tend to nitpick and point out all the errors, and question the logic and say 'That makes no sense. Why did that happen?' " :explainseverything:

if you can, watch the movie WITH the commentary. you won't regret it.

Thanks for reading,
~The Togekiss

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