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Like you care.

A rant on fashion.

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by , 17th May 2013 at 01:00 AM (583 Views)
Fashion-a prevailing custom or style of dress, socializing, etiquette, ect.
Ya know, that thing I don't care about.

What is the purpose of fashion? To make one's self look more desirable for the sole purpose of attracting a mate? Because I'm not interested in that crap.
To give one's self confidence/ to feel good about one's self? I don't get that sort of satisfaction when I'm in physical discomfort.
Screw fashion. Screw what society dictates. Wear what's comfortable. That's what I say.
I don't wear makeup. Very rarely on special occasions I do, and I usually want to take it off quickly.
I usually wear sweatpants and a graphic t-shirt out in public. Hell, I'd be wearing pajamas every day to school if my mom didn't nag to me about it. I find it much easier to focus and learn if my clothes aren't tight and uncomfortable.

I find makeup to be distracting and annoying. It just is.
I believe women wear make up and fancy clothes to keep other women from judging them. I don't think men even care about that crap(or so I've been told).

I'm too lazy to shave my legs, I don't need to if I'm usually wearing pants.And if you judge me for that, shame on you.

If you judge me for the way I look, SHAME ON YOU.

I'm gonna be a freshmen next year, bottom of the barrel. I'm sure that I'm bound to be ridiculed for my non-existent fashion. And you know what I do?
Give them the finger.
Fuck you. I don't give a flying fuck about what you think.

(Thank you if you bothered to read that)
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  1. Squeaky the sixth's Avatar
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    How very noble of you.
  2. Monocled's Avatar
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    Interesting how you demand that people not judge you for your fashion choices while you judge other people for theirs in the same breath.
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  3. Gaga's Avatar
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    • permalink
    So brave.
  4. Beausoleil's Avatar
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    I'm gonna be a freshmen next year, bottom of the barrel. I'm sure that I'm bound to be ridiculed for my non-existent fashion.
    You know, I'm almost a senior, and in my experience this has never been a thing that happens.

    Also, I don't see how following and conforming to fashion trends is necessarily bad as long as people do it because they want to. I mean yeah shaming people for not doing so is bad, but you're shaming people for doing it, which is really just as bad.
  5. CrackFox's Avatar
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    I think if you had made your point without the attitude, people would have really supported this blog. I definitely agree with a lot of what you're saying. I've never really understood fashion either. I have worn fashionable clothes but only if I happen to like the look of them.


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