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Mastering the art of Lucid Dreaming.(Long read)

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I have spent the past week, trying different things to try and have a lucid dream. For those of you who don't know what a lucid dream is, it when you're in a dream and you're aware of it. And when you're aware, then you can try and control your dream.
Anyways, the night before last, I had a lucid dream. And let me tell you, it feels WAY different from a normal dream.
I remember saying "I'm dreaming, aren't I?"
And the vague, dream fog vanished. I could see every detail, and the colors were incredibly clear, far different from a regular dream. And then I was so excited, I quickly realized that I had to refrain myself so I wouldn't lose the lucidity or wake up.
Anyways, my subconscious had left me in my backyard orchard, minus the trees. There was an infinite sidewalk, and the clearest blue skies that you can imagine. And I decided to do the first thing I told myself I would do if I had a lucid dream: transform into a half-Reshiram creature of awesome. And fly :p
The sidewalk would serve as a perfect "runway" for flight. I rand down the sidewalk and watched as my right arm became a wing like what a Reshiram has. And my left arm did the same thing. And pretty soon...
Curse you dream gravity and your "logic"
I stopped running and realized that I needed a little extra boost. I started running again and watched for a seconde as the firey jet-engine tail began to grow.and soon enough, I flew... But I couldn't fly for more than ten feet. I must've looked strange...but whatever. This is one of the few flying dreams that actually ended well.
Fuck it. I landed and the wings and tail disappeared. I told myself to remember one tiny detail. So I went back to my house. The front room was perfectly clean. So was my room. I checked the digital clock in my room. 9:58. I assume it's AM, it looked like morning in my dream.

That's all I remember. It felt like I was actually THERE. It Felt amazing to have a lucid dream.

Thank you very much if you bothered to read that,
-The Togekiss

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  1. 33Whimsicott33's Avatar
    Dreams I get often have very atmospheric environments. Even the most mundane of places.
  2. Vanillish Twilight's Avatar
    Once I had a dream that I had a lucid dream lol INCEPTION
  3. Jacko19863's Avatar
    You're lucky.

    I won't try to lucid dream because my imagination is too powerful for myself. SO. MANY. FORCEDTOWATCH. HORROR. MOVIES. WHYYYY?


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