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The greatest science project ever.

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by , 29th September 2012 at 03:29 AM (504 Views)
So me and my friend have successfully integrated Pokemon into science class.
Earlier today, at least 100 eighth graders(including myself) went on a field trip to take a 4-mile hike across a crater floor. And getting down to the crater? At LEAST a mile. Same goes for coming back up. Yay.
I don't really exercise... so that was hell for me...
For this field trip, there was an extra credit assignment. Create your own science project, that involves the environment in and around the crater. As usual, I kinda said 'meh' and couldn't think up of anything for the extra credit.
Until my friend came up to me with the greatest idea for a science project.
By studying the surrounding environment, determine how well various Rock-type Pokemon would live.
Science teacher: Okay.(accepts project)
My friend wants to take a bunch of pictures, and do only 3 evolutionary lines. I wanted to do at least 5, but I don't think that would fit on a poster-board, so, whatevs.
Eventually, we decided to do 3 different evolution lines.
One that we are definitely going to do is Roggenrola's evolutionary line.
We might do Geodude's evolutionary line, MAYBE Nosepass and Probopass, but that's unlikely. I'm hoping for all 3-stage evolution lines.
Our background research is Pokedex entries and game locations. And maybe the anime.
This is going to be so much fun.

Thanks for reading,
~The Togekiss
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  1. HumanDawn's Avatar
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    Sounds exciting! You will show us your progress right?
  2. Takaki's Avatar
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    • permalink
    You need to update us on how this goes lol.

    For a Statistics project last year I made a AI to play Pokemon by analyzing metagame statistics :/
  3. The Togekiss's Avatar
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    • permalink
    @Human @Takaki
    i will try and show progress when i can, but that wont be for another...10 days maybe? I have fall break.
    And I haven't made much progress on the project currently, As I pretty much just started today. The only thing I have done is a drawing of Roggenrola and its evolutions :p
  4. Takaki's Avatar
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    If you plan on potentially looking at other Pokemon as well as Rock types this is a great article that mentions some good points that you could also look into (Not just how a teacher survives in a landscape but also the whole environment around it including other organisms). Pokemon Biology - Smogon University
  5. Dragonfyre's Avatar
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    • permalink
    That's nice! Wish I could do the same. My teacher would just scoff at me, hah.
  6. Airi-Chan's Avatar
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    I'd like to say 'WOW' XD
  7. JustAnotherLeafeon's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Sound pretty cool. I wish I could do something like that for my geology class. My teacher would probably have no idea what was going on and reject it, though...
  8. The Togekiss's Avatar
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    • permalink
    I really would like to turn this into a huge project...but my friend doesn't want to to do so much work,and I already have enough work already for a lazy person like myself. And she isn't as crazy about Pokemon as I am. :/
    And this is only an extra credit project that I could be fine without,I think I have at least a B in Earth Science.
    Also, Iwill be seeing my friend this Tuesday, but I don't think we will work on the project at all.


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