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Taco's International Challenge Experience! (With commentary!)

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by , 23rd June 2013 at 09:15 PM (239 Views)
Whoa! I just did my first International Challenge with my new party!
So much to say!

To be honest, I did worse than I expected. There were some things I didn't anticipate.
The day before the challenge started, I did the Random Matchup to practice. I won 8 out of 9 battles. (My confidence soared!)

On the first day of the International Challenge, I lost 5 of 6 Pokémon battles! In the end, I won 18 battles and lost 20.

First of all, too many suspected hackers. (I don't mean to sound racist, but those people were mostly from Japan and South Korea.) Having a shiny Pokemon is one thing, but having every Pokémon be a shiny and caught in a Master Ball seems too suspicious. (A shiny Milotic in a Master Ball. I don't think you have to use that on a Feebas...)

Another thing that I didn't like was when I "lost" connection with people I was about to beat. It happened 4 times. They were on their last Pokémon and suddenly the connection was lost. That really stunk.

(In one of the battles that I lost, something unexpected happened. The opponent's Bronzong used Hypnosis two times in a row and put both of my last two Pokémon to sleep. Isn't that against the rules? Wasn't that the reason was Dark Void was banned?)

Despite all of that, there was a lot of things I learned and I had lots of fun!

One interesting I learned was that lots of people have a shiny Metagross or Latios. Every other person I faced had at least one of these two Pokémon. (Even I have a shiny Metagross!)

I've also got great feedback to make my party even stronger!

No Pokémon I faced was faster than my Garchomp. I can't say that for the rest of my party. I remember reading on Smogon that these battles are "fast-paced." Therefore, I've got to breed some Pokémon that have Speed increased rather than Attack.

However, something that I have to be wary of is a Trick Room spread. This tactic devastated my Garchomp. But my Brave-natured Metagross saved the battle for me! That's why I'll only re-breed my Salamence and Hydreigon to favor Speed instead of Attack. There's no use being a heavy-hitter if you don't even get a chance to hit!

Having the move Protect can also be beneficial. Lots of trainers had Protect in their parties. And I think it could benefit my party. I know from experience that it can sometimes throw off opponents. (However, there's always a possibility it can backfire. It takes away the chance of attacking. And what happens if both of the opponent's Pokémon aim for the one that didn't use Protect? Or what if they use status moves? Or even worse, Trick Room!? Definitely, Protect is a double-edged sword.)

Hopefully, I'll be able to use what I learned from this tournament to get even stronger! And maybe next time, I'll prove that I can be a Pokémon Master! (Cheesy, I know.)

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    Don't get too down that's how my first tournament went but my second one I won 15 lost only 5 so you will probably also do better next time too.
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