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Pokémon Jokes!!!

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I had just randomly thought of some jokes while I was taking a shower. I think they're kinda stupid funny , but still worth sharing.

1) There's a Pikachu with a cold. For lunch, it decides to go to Subway (located in Nimbasa City). What kind of bread did it order?

2) What do you call a Ghost-type Pokémon that occupies a house?

3) How many Munchlax does it take to change a lightbulb?

4) An electrician has a Litwick as his partner Pokémon, and one day, he decided to bring it to work with him. That same day, the electrician had to go to the hospital (or Human Center?) because his Litwick burnt him. Why did it do that?

5) A Gengar tries to scare a little girl. It appears before her and does that thing where it sticks out its tongue. This particular Gengar had very bad hygeine, and it never brushed its teeth. The girl wasn't scared, but she said something that hurt the Gengar's feelings. What did she say?

Hope you liked them (or didn't hate them too much).

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  1. Helioptile's Avatar
    Well... They're... Original... I guess...
  2. Berrenta's Avatar
    My favorite is the Munchlax/Light Bulb one. XD
  3. Taco's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Incoming Mortar
    Well... They're... Original... I guess...
    Close enough. :)


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