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  1. Taco's International Challenge Experience! (With commentary!)

    by , 23rd June 2013 at 09:15 PM (Frame 85)
    Whoa! I just did my first International Challenge with my new party!
    So much to say!

    To be honest, I did worse than I expected. There were some things I didn't anticipate.
    The day before the challenge started, I did the Random Matchup to practice. I won 8 out of 9 battles. (My confidence soared!)

    On the first day of the International Challenge, I lost 5 of 6 Pokémon battles! In the end, I won 18 battles and lost 20.

    First of all, too many ...
  2. Random Questions Are Normal For Me!

    by , 6th June 2013 at 10:51 AM (Frame 85)
    Well, I just thought of some things that I want to discuss.

    For Pokémon that evolve by combining with others (like Magnemite and Beldum), what happens if they're shiny? Do they have to combine with other shiny Pokémon, or can they combine with regular Pokémon and have the dominant phenotype?

    On the same topic of Pokémon that combine with others, do both Pokémon have to be ready to evolve, or can one be a freeloader and get to evolve early?

    In addition, ...

    Updated 6th June 2013 at 09:38 PM by Taco

  3. 4 Scores and 7 Years Ago...

    by , 5th June 2013 at 02:17 PM (Frame 85)
    After school ended for me less than 2 weeks ago, I resumed logging onto the forums regularly. During the school year, I rarely logged on; it was only to keep my claims. But now that I'm back, I've noticed that while some things have remained constants, others have greatly changed.

    (One thing that I myself changed was this blog title. I became disenchanted with "Blog del Taco," It was awesome, but it was also too unoriginal.)

    So many people have come and gone ...
  4. Pokémon Jokes!!!

    by , 22nd February 2013 at 10:08 PM (Frame 85)
    I had just randomly thought of some jokes while I was taking a shower. I think they're kinda stupid funny , but still worth sharing.

    1) There's a Pikachu with a cold. For lunch, it decides to go to Subway (located in Nimbasa City). What kind of bread did it order?

    2) What do you call a Ghost-type Pokémon that occupies a house?

    3) How many Munchlax does it take to change a lightbulb?
  5. Who do you think is the best Skylander?

    by , 6th August 2012 at 08:45 PM (Frame 85)
    For all those who play Skylanders games, who do you think is the best Skylander (not counting the Legendary counterparts and Dark Spyro)?

    Contrary to popular belief, I think Spyro is pretty good. He has good long-ranged and close range attacks. I had upgraded him on the Sheep-Burner Spyro path, and I think it was a pretty good choice. He's fast, has decent Defense, pretty good Attack, nice Crtical, and a good amount of health in my opinion.

    What do ...
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