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by , 2nd November 2012 at 01:29 PM (747 Views)
So the hurricane knocked out my power on Monday, and my phone has no service so I'm okay just no power at home. I have no idea when the heck I'll get it back which sucks because I'm dieing without it. Just thought I'd let you all know. I'm on library wi-fi right now till five my time.

@Rio Kamishiro; @Ryoga Kamishiro; @Elysion; @Caprizant; @Knock Out; @Ebail; @FinalArcadia; @Camila; @Gaara Of The Desert; @Koutetsuban;

EDIT: This is a tree a block or two from my house

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    @Fab; I don't really do much on the forums other than PRPs, last poster, and mafias these days
  2. maglev's Avatar
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    @Midorikawa; We don't have much cross over xD

    Who knows, maybe I'll be a regular in last poster again ;)
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  3. Midorikawa's Avatar
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    @Fab; You should.
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