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  1. Things i like to talk about

    I have been wanting to play Five Nights at Freddy's 1 and 2. I downloaded 2 on my phone and i have had no difficulties so far and i am already on the 4th night. I have watched youtubers play it and theirs were way harder than mine. Is it because i am using a phone? Its not because i already know how to play the game because i slipped a few times and i didnt get stuffed in a suit. I only used 1 bar of my flashlight in each night after the first night and youtubers have used 2-3 depending on the night. ...
  2. Idea: Dramatic Production RP

    Would there be anyone interested in an RP where the Pokemon heroes get together to put on a play?

    Basically, I would pick a play and list the roles (and any already filled by characters I control) When you sign up, I would PM you the audition scene (probably a Google Docs document) your character would need to use for the try out.

    If more than one person try out for the same role, I would choose who gets the part depending how well their character reads the audition ...
  3. Holy cow.

    This guy's Poke-art is AMAZING-SAUCE:


    My favorites are Lugia and Kyruem. If you can hear me out there dude, keep up the good work! :)
  4. Pavell's Forge February: No Time, No Progress

    So much for turning my attention to models one day in every seven. I've really had trouble finding the time to do anything very much this month, and the dismal weather hasn't helped much. What natural light I have had I've also had to be working through. It's a damn nuisance, but there it is.

    So I haven't made much progress, overall. First task was to take all the assorted resin guns and give them a tidy up. You see, the resin models often have some sort of shiny, slippery material ...
  5. Ash VS Giovanni feud In Depth+Ash's Father

    In my very first thread on this board I commented on how much I wanted there to be a long standing feud between Ash Ketchum and Team Rocket Boss Giovanni But I thought I would use this blog to go more in depth as to my opinions on it as well as build on my comments from that thread as to why I feel the way I feel about it.

    Ash Ketchum has been feuding with the same idiotic members of Team Rocket for as long as the show has been running. Jessie, James, and Meowth. Now I'm going to ...
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