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Toxin-Filled Piñata: bmgf edition!

Why bother

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To be honest, I'm not sure why I check these forums anymore. Once you frequent the chat, it takes a lot to entertain you, but besides that, it seems as though half the members here have nothing to say and yet insist on pumping up their post count. Take for instance the Games section. We used to have a few neat little time wasters, but now ferrariguywhatever creates pointless excuses for games that just let everyone post random shit. I thought this kind of crap was just restricted to SPPf. "Caption the Avatar Above You"? Fuck off! Stop creating stupid games! And stop flooding "Caption the screenshot" with unfunny "quips"! Nevermind half the n00bs on here think they're hot shit and funny as hell... seriously, all it took was a few people to ruin the HoS for good. You aren't a troll, you're just an idiot.

*sigh* And this used to be such a nice community...

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  1. Trainer-c's Avatar
    I used to love the games section, but as new members joined it became gradually more stupid, and now it has gotten unbearable. I avoid that section like the plague now. (I don't even bother posting in the HoS for the same reason) That isn't to say that there are no exceptions, you just have to look for the threads and places where the n00b levels are low.
  2. Tina's Avatar
    Hence why #bulbagarden > everything. Noobs dare venture near our den? No problem, give them the KB stick, and the place isn't doomed forever!

    Though I must agree.. when people post only in the games section and that's how they got their 4000 posts in two months, it's just.. ugh.
    Updated 17th July 2008 at 11:59 AM by Tina
  3. Chosen of Mana's Avatar
    This is why we can't have nice things :(
  4. Blackjack Gabbiani's Avatar
    So don't go to the clubs&games forum then, it's simple.
  5. Lethal Carnivine's Avatar
    Well, they made a new forum and everything where useless posts in games don't count sooooo....

    But yeah, I agree it's annoying for a member to post in the Games section a month after they joined and they have like 2000 posts.

    Though the Caption the Screenshots thread isn't so bad in the Anime forum.
  6. Crankyman's Avatar
    The sullied HoS demands your sympathy now, people!
  7. The Outrage's Avatar
    But yeah, I agree it's annoying for a member to post in the Games section a month after they joined and they have like 2000 posts.

    I've been wondering where the post whoring was going on....
  8. Turtle Tamer Kammy's Avatar
    @ LC, I dunno, the screenshot thread is pretty bad. It's like it's being done by 30 9-year-olds. It used to be hysterical, like something one each page would make me laugh out loud. Now it's just lot's of eye-rolling. I hardly check it anymore.

    @ Blackjack: I used to enjoy checking out the gmaes section, it's frustrating when a few people who are obsessed with post counts ruin it for everyone.

    @ Cranky: See my comment directed at LC; the HoS is just as bad.
  9. Satoshi-kun's Avatar
    Yeah, the HoS was amazing at first, but then it became something that everyone wanted to join in on, and things started to go to hell from there. Also, I think it's one thing if someone really does enjoy participating in games on a forum, but it is definitely a bad thing if those games are just used to increase someone's post count. Heck, after I got to post 666 in the bulbagarden club thread, I never really cared what I have for a post count. Anyways, I do agree a bit with what you have said, though I kinda do want to check out this "caption the screenshot" club and maybe come up with something fun.
  10. Nando's Avatar
    And who made you the judge, jury and executioner of this forum, hmm? I'm dying to know.

    At least ferrariguy can be spoken to reasonably, even if he isn't all that bright.
  11. Turtle Tamer Kammy's Avatar
    Dead blog post is dead. wtf dudes?


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