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Toxin-Filled Piñata: bmgf edition!


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by , 12th January 2009 at 03:31 AM (223 Views)
I should be sleeping...but instead I've been attempting to pay off my mortgage on Wild World. I got the full Snowman set going on upstairs, which earned me 77,000 points with the HRA! I got the 1-story model. I'm also aiting for this torrent to finish... I found several of Akino Arai's albums bundled, and I love her @_@

I'm hoping I get at least one package tomorrow.. I found an old edition of a Russian textbook for 3 bucks on Amazon and since I'm not taking a class that requires such a book I was able to buy it, the companion workbook and a book of short stories; the left page has it in the original Russian and the right page has the translation. So, I basically bought a college textbook, the companion workbook and another book for 22 bucks including shipping. Annnd the textbook is shipping out of Denver which means it might show up a bit early! I might need to post a photo of my foreign language book collection.. it's becoming quite impressive. The latest addition is a book with swear words and insults in 70 different languages. It was a late Christmas present from my best friend who says she supports my bad habits. 8D So Spanish is my major, and if I could I would do a minor concentration on Russian, but my school only offers Spanish, German and French. I would so go for French, but I don't know enough of it to add it as a second concentration. I'm looking for places in the community to volunteer right now. It would look nice ona resume, and Denver has a large hispanic immigrant population, so ideally I'd like something in a bilingual setting. I also wanna do something with the Russian of course... and then I remembered that the church on campus is Russian Orthodox. SCORE. I will definitely be a) sneaking to one of their services because I want to go back to church and I keep looking into Eastern Orthodox, and b) asking them for places I can help out/learn some Russian. Apparently Denver has a decent sized Russian population... or so I'm told. X3

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    Hahahaha, a book of swears and insults in 70 languages. Nice. XD

    For some reason I just really suck at learning new languages.. so seeing somebody try and learn like 3 at the same time is complete @_@ Someday I will do a good attempt at learning another language..

    Also, 'grats on the 77,000 points on Wild World! I think my house's around 130,000 points or so.. just need 20,000 more and I can get the mansion model. ;_;


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