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Feeling slightly hurt...

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by , 24th December 2008 at 03:45 PM (289 Views)
So... I've been having a horrible time focusing with *anything*. My grades were bad, I still can't drive, work isn't going too well... and I'm having a horrible time putting together a competitive team. I keep changing my mind. One day it will be all gen 3, the next I want to add Pineco, then I scrap that... it's a fun little ADHD trait, not being able to stick to one thing. You should see my house an Animal Crossing... I redo it completely at least once a week usually. So I guess something I said last night I worded wrong in #dp_battle and it was taken as a comment that I no longer care about competitive battling, and I was asked this morning by a friend to leave. ;_; The truth is I DO care, a lot. These are the only people I can get excited about Pokemon with. I would love more than anything to battle with them. And I could go back in there and explain that, but you know what? I shouldn't be there. I derail conversations in there all the time. Will should have banned me immediately. I'm not mad. I feel guilty that I messed everything up for them, honestly. I do that kind of thing a lot. But between the breeding, the catching synced Pokemon and dittos, the stats battles... I still don't even understand half of it, and the whole thing is very intimidating! Perfect timing too... I was all excited because tomorrow is Christmas, and that means exactly 10 years ago I received Pokemon Blue from my parents and became a Pokemon fiend of sorts.

But when it gets to the point where you're so unfocused you manage to piss your ONLINE friends off... it's time to leave them alone.

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  1. Trainer-c's Avatar
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    You should probably try to explain things to them. I don't think anyone would begrudge you a little ADHD. As long as you show commitment, and willingness to learn in terms of the things you find intimidating.

    I'm sure your friends would not want you feeling bad at Christmas, so you should try to explain that it was a misunderstanding.
  2. Nando's Avatar
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    If you want, I'll try talking to Will about it. He's had a crappy week too, so he'll understand.


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