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What a week...

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by , 6th April 2013 at 02:29 PM (240 Views)
Man this week was cram filled with all sorts of things in my life. First on Monday, I had to present with a group a proposal on a text alert system for our college which was a huge part of our grade ( i have full confidence in our group we did good). Next go to wednesday where i got to tour with my Hydraulics class the WORLD famous Timken Co's Faircrest Steel Mill. THAT WAS EPIC. It was neat seeing new steel being made. the most epic part of the tour was when they were adding in fresh scrap metal to the hot caster oven. the burning steel shot fire over 70 feet into the air. it was a remarkable sight to behold. Also when they used the giant carbon electrodes to melt the steel it was also a neat show. It was like seeing someone arc weld but literally 80,000 times the power. And yesterday i got a call from one of our local car dealerships syaing that some one will call next week to set up an appointment to schedule an interview. and finnaly today where i got to wash and wax our Chevy Astro. i say this was an excellent week.

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