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Pokemon XY news...

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by , 15th June 2013 at 10:01 PM (520 Views)
Well after catching up on all of the new news off the press about Pokemon XY i can just say wow... I am intruged about some of the features such as pokemon amie and some of the new pookemon they released.

As for Sylvion, i was sort of expecting it. although i do hope to see someone act like Mr Crocker from Farily Odd Parents just for the lulz.

Now for the new NPCs. I safely can say i know where the desighners who made the Pontiac Aztec went... Shauna looks like a combonation of Bianca and a Chespin. Trevors hair is just Obnoxious to the max and Viola is just a fashion train wreck... Oh well at least i will have more characters to make into Dummy Signs

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