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Italia Fest 2013

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by , 20th July 2013 at 09:05 AM (296 Views)
Yesterday, i went downtown to our city's yearly Italian Festival with one of my friends. in our city, the electric department always puts up flags of Italy along with the American flags up along our main Boulevard that helps get the city pumped for the festival. when we got there, parking was atrocious as usual because this is one of the most popular venues the city has each year. when we got to the riverfront, you could hear Italian songs being played by entertainers who are Italian American with some even coming all the way from Italy. the smell of food was very captivating and hunger enducing. from Pasta(aaaaa) to pizza to Cavatelli and almost every Italian dessert you could think of was there. there were a few other endors who sold clothing, jewlry and other stuff. our city had a stand where you could buy offical Italian Fest t shirts and you could get Italy Flags the same size that the electric department uses. I didnt go to the Italian fest in Downtown Akron last week because traffic was just outrageous. Also parking is NOT a favorite thing to do in Akron. most of South Main was closed due to the festival and construcition so maybe next. I did want to tyr to enter in one of the contest to win a Fiat 500 but there is always next year... Ciao!
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    Sounds nice! In fact, we had kind of a venue here as well yesterday.
    It's more of a religious tradition, and it has nothing to do with Italy and all other countries, but it still is a parking train wreck with food and all :))

    Looks like we both had a cool Friday night this weekend :))
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