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End of an Era...

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Well as many people say, "all good things must come to an end", "the sun must set on this beautiful day", ect ect.

It has come time that I have come to the decision to stop making the "big dummy" sign signature series. this tough decision comes on the fact that i have run out of new material to make the signs with. pokemon X and Y dont come out til october, School and my work have gotten in my way and free time, and also i found another site that is similar to the sign maker but even better. I plan to put the dummy signs on Hiatus until further notice because of this new series i am making. to celebrate the end of this era of signatures for me, ive made a sign requested by Zexy which will be the last dummy sign for a good while unless i were to decide to go back. now for my new series it will go along the lines of
. i do hope to have the new series out sometime in september. so i do hope you all will enjoy it and my creativity

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  1. Zexy's Avatar
    Oh, it's still cool you Dummied Number 96!!!


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