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Back on the clock

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by , 13th May 2013 at 08:33 PM (380 Views)
Well today was the first day of my summer job for this year with my hometowns street dept. Me and 4 other student coworkers got to clean the side of the freeway that goes through town. with this being my second year i got to help show the new members how to pick up trash. Since the van we use for weedwacking and trash remoaval was in the Shop, we got to take one of the spare trucks out. it was a Ford f-450 turbo diesel Dually truck. nothing like Turbo lag on a huge 6.7 liter diesel engine trying to move 3 tons of metal and passengers up to speed to merge on the freeway. since most of the new hires didnt want to move the truck up along the sholder, me and the supervisor did. when ever we passed the other crew we would stop to let them remove the trash from their small bins. everytime i would come close to them i would have to honk the truck horn like a disgruntled Greek driver ( i am greek btw) to either A. let them know i was there to get their trash or to let them know they were too close on the sholder and was in the way when pulling up. Not bad for a first day but we get to start weed wacking tomarrow...

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