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So I went to a party on Sunday. Nothing much, just a couple of kids hanging out at a barbecue and sitting around the fire. Jumping on the trampoline, making s'mores, and all that stuff was included. Nothing too racy; for every kid, there was around five adults, so it wasn't out of control.

So, in an effort to escape the parental hovering, many of the kids left the house and headed to the park. We didn't have much in mind, so we just sat on the playground in boredom. We tried playing frisbee and basketball, but we soon found out that we sucked at both of those sports, so we quit.

About 15 minutes of boring passed before we actually started to do something. Half-sarcastically, half-entertainingly, we started a game of Lava Monster. You know, the one where you run around the play set trying to tag people with your eyes closed? Yeah, sounds like a great idea, right? WRONG.

For some reason or another, I kind of wanted to be it, so I was tagged on purpose. I wandered around on the ground, looking for a good place to crawl onto the play set (you can have your eyes open for this). Most of the people had made their way up to the highest tower, so I sighed, closed my eyes, and stepped on.

I knew that all the players were up a relatively short ladder, and, if I could get up there myself, I could easily tag a person. So, after several seconds of me slowly and carefully climbing the ladder, I got to the top step. Reaching around, I grabbed the handles with both my hands. I then launched myself forward, thinking that I would be able to touch someone before they pulled away.

And I launched myself --more specifically, my face-- right into a metal bar.

Obviously, the playground was built for children (what kind of playground is built for 17 year olds?!), so a metal bar would make sense. It would be able to give kids an extra place to hold onto as they were going down the ladder. But, for me, it was at just the right height to be able to smack the top of my forehead into it.

Of course, my friends freaked out, so they made me sit down for 10 minutes. I didn't feel funny or anything, at the time, so I didn't think much of it; I thought a girl just smacked her head. Yeah, it hurt, but nothing out of the ordinary was present.

We went back to the house about 15 minutes after I hit my head, and I was feeling just as fine as ever. I spent the rest of the night enjoying myself and forgetting all about the head injury. Even though I was a little wary, I went to sleep, which is a big no-no for serious concussions. None the less, I woke up feeling fine and went home right after breakfast.

It was only then, when I began talking to my dad, that I started to realize what had actually gone down at the playground. Apparently, I had called him about 4 minutes after I hit my head and had a conversation with him about when to pick me up the next morning. I have absolutely no recollection of this.

Then, when I started to think about it, I never remembered returning to the house. I just assumed that we walked back, but I have no specific memories of actually walking back. Everybody knows that I walked back with them, but I just can't remember it whatsoever.

So, after discussing with my dad for a little bit, I think I arrived upon some results.

What I had was a concussion. It was a rather minor one, but a concussion none the less. I then called my dad, had a conversation with him, and then hung up. After waiting for a couple more minutes, we walked back to the house where the party was at, and we continued on through the rest of the night as usual.

The things that I don't remember were filled in by my subconscious. Since I was not reminded of something that happened right after the concussion as the night progressed, I didn't fill in the blank, since I never remembered having it. Things like walking back home were simply assumptions made by my subconscious; how else could I have gotten back to the house? The rest, I just didn't need. My brain didn't know it was missing it, because it didn't know that it didn't know that it was missing it!

So what do you guys think? Do things like this really happen, or do I just not have a good memory whatsoever? Either way, I feel absolutely fine right now, so I don't think that it's going to affect me in the long run. I'm just a little confused, I guess. Will I ever be able to recover those lost 15 minutes of my life?

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  1. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    Umm, be careful. You often recover from your first concussion pretty quickly, but your second does a lot of damage. It's a big problem for high school football players who will get a concussion, think they're recovered and then get a second one really quickly which does a lot more damage. Just be careful not to hit your head hard for a while and you should be fine =)
  2. Yang Xiao Long's Avatar
    It sounds like you've had a concussion.

    And I'd know (I've had three? At least three... maybe four)

    You're not ever going to fill in those little gaps of time... they're simply lost. However, as Yellow said, as long as you be careful for the next few weeks and don't get hit hard in the head again you should be fine and have no long-term effects.
  3. Slenderman's Avatar
    I honestly have no idea. When I played (American) football, I had a friend who got a concussion, went back to playing the next week, got ANOTHER concussion towards the end of that game, and couldn't remember a thing from that night. He still doesn't remember a year later.
  4. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Prison Mike
    I honestly have no idea. When I played (American) football, I had a friend who got a concussion, went back to playing the next week, got ANOTHER concussion towards the end of that game, and couldn't remember a thing from that night. He still doesn't remember a year later.
    This is exactly what I was talking about. You feel fine after the first one, it's the second one that does long term damage.
  5. Princess Crow's Avatar
    Thanks, everybody, for all of your advice! I think that I'll try my hardest to take it easy over the next couple of weeks. I'm feeling fine now, but I'll still stay out of trouble for a while, just to be safe.


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