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  1. Don't mess with my friend!

    Unfotunately, I've had more bad news.

    When I went to visit Ashley yesterday, he was crying. He said that he was at the beach with his father. While Ashley was in the bathroom, these two young men (about the same age as me and Ashley) came up to him and started harassing him because he was wearing a speedo. When one of them hurled homophobic slurs at him, Ashley backed away from them, but then the guy pulled his hair and slapped him across the face. Ashley told his father about it ...
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  2. Shiny Starly hunt

    Day 3: I'm at 120 eggs and still no shiny starly. I've read of people who got shinies in 20, 30 or 40 eggs. No such luck here I will continue hatching eggs for a while. I hope it doesn't take 4 months though! Day 4: 10/7/15 Had to go out today so I only hatched 60 eggs. I'm at 180 eggs but I won't give up.

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  3. Fakemon Fossil ideas for a fic I am writing on TCOD

    I am writing an interactive fanfiction series on The Cave of Dragonflies called "Pokemon Crimson". I have most of my Fakemon ideas down on a piece of paper, but can't figure out two fossil ideas. I will lean more towards prehistoric mammals, as those haven't been done as fossil Pokemon yet.

    Here is a list of possibilities I have narrowed down (NOTE: I left out the "Irish Elk" and Saber-tooth Cat, and a few other species due to them being too similar to Pokemon ...
  4. Dogasu's Backpack - My Thoughts

    So now that my feelings on anime dubbing and purists in the anime fandom are known, I think it’s been long enough for me to let this be known, too.

    My feelings on Dogasu’s Backpack can be summed up in three words: love/hate relationship.

    I’ll preface this explanation by saying that in general, I don’t like those anime comparison sites (stuff like DBZ Uncensored, Sailor Moon Uncensored, Digimon Uncensored). Except maybe for YGO Uncensored, those sites tended ...
  5. FunQuest: Which pokemon should I breed/DexNav chain for a shiny?

    Which pokemon should I breed or DexNav Chain for a shiny?

    Since breeding allows for passing down egg moves of my choice and inheriting as many IVs as possible, not to mention getting a guaranteed nature, I'll be using the Masuda Method for the competitive ones. Otherwise, I want to try DexNav chaining if they are available.

    Here are the candidates for the FunQuest:
    1. Shinx (competitive)
    2. Noibat (competitive)
    3. Flabebe (competitive)
    4. Pachirisu ...