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I had way too much screen time today. My mom's sick with the flu, and my little brother's at a basketball game in Rhode Island, so I had nothing to do except study for midterms and catch up on the internet. I mean, really catch up with the internet because I just discovered today that there is a new generation. So I was like SWEET HOLY JESUS. Pokemon is a BIG part of my life, but lately I haven't been doing things pokemon-related (or doing anything relating to my interests, rather). It's more like school is taking over my life. I know it sounds cliche, but it really does. Looking back at it, it feels like I missed a lot of gen 5 stuff. It didn't have the same hype to me and my friends as the previous gens. I mean, B&W was a pretty short region to explore. There's not much to do after defeating the Elite 4. My friend was really disappointed at gen 5, and I'm afraid it turned her off to pokemon. To me, no matter what the Pokemon Company does I'll still support it. I think we're growing up. I still like pokemon, but it the reaction it has to me is different than it had when I was younger. That being said, I think I'll drive to Gamestop tomorrow and buy Pokemon B2. That should cheer me up :)

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