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Robin Storm


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Hi everyone,

Recently I am a little bit.. sad or depressed. At school and even when I'm home! I hope somebody knows what to do about it.
At school I have maths and for each chapter we have a test. The thing is that today I had a math test and if I fail this test then I failed a maths test 4 times in a row! How am I going to tell this to my parents? Could somebody help me?

Greetings Robin.
(P.s. sorry if my english is really really bad!)

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  1. Jolty94's Avatar
    Well, when I was at School, Maths was always (and still is) my weakest subject, and I hated showing an interest in it too for some strange reason. There's definitely no way to get around tests... What I suggest is that you approach your parents with the clearest state of mind, seeing where they're coming from too. Let them know how you feel about it (that you're not proud of it). I'm sure they will reason with you and help you out! Everyone struggles with Maths! and if you're having a hard time focusing on when to study or how to, just sit back, think about studying, maybe do half an hour/an hour a day, and then just think of kicking back with a Pokémon game when the hard works done xD
    It's borrrrinnng as hell studying I know, but the rewards in the end are worth everything!
    Hope I helped xD
    Edit: If you struggling with Maths is stemming from your school though, I would approach your teacher first asap and let her know that you're struggling, teachers will always listen if you're prepared to speak up!
  2. Robin Storm's Avatar
    Thanks jolty94!! I'm going to try youre tips. If anyone have some other tips you can Always post them, But what about my sadness???
  3. Uncle Edit's Avatar
    Don't worry, Robin Storm. Math hasn't been my best subject either, so I understand. I think somewhere down the line, you will see a light that will give you hope and make your sadness go away. That happened to me when I was 14, so I hope you find it as well.
  4. Robin Storm's Avatar
    Thanks Uncle Edit! I hope I am getting good results for maths.
  5. Uncle Edit's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Robin Storm
    Thanks Uncle Edit! I hope I am getting good results for maths.
    Happy to help, Robin Storm!


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