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Continuing Kid Icarus

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I expected the Chaos Kin to be...bigger. Whatever, still kicked its ass.

Pit is kind of retarded, isn't he? Come on! He tried to kill you!

GOD DAMMIT! I died two times against Pandora's hot form. Once the retard part of me shut down, though, I realized that getting beat on Standard didn't knock me into Wimp Mode.

Hades' Heart was a dumb boss. Pandora's Calcifer form was just as easy as it was in the beginning, and her hot form whipped my ass. Chaos Kin was a wimp, both personality-wise and boss-wise. The Aurum Core dude (the one that acted like Nathan Fillion in Dr Horrible) was real easy and the other Aurum bosses were terribly boring.

AUGH my hand hurts! And I'm a righty.

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