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This is my blog, which came free with my membership. Cool! Serebii didn't have this!

  1. Anyone else get a weird bug?

    I finished X and Y some time ago and I had a lot of fun. Just one thing I noticed.

    My Gengar got a super effective on Wikstrom's Aegislash when it used Shadow Ball. Did this happen to anyone else or is it just my copy? I remember people catching Nidokings back in D/P/Pt, and the Santalune City save error is reason enough for me to believe that X/Y might be bugged.
  2. Why the Fairy-type is a terrible idea.

    I know what you're thinking. "Oh look, it's another nostalgia-ridden fanboy!" It's a sentiment I'm all too familiar with. So let me get two things straight:

    1. I think that what GameFreak did to the Dragon-type was a really good idea. Honestly, Dragons were getting too numerous and too overpowered.
    2. I'm probably going to love the shit out of X and Y. I like every generation so far to some extent, and I don't see that changing now.

    But here's the thing. The ...
  3. Why I guess some people idealize Red

    I watched the trailer and I wondered "Hey, why do people idealize Red? And why do they always compare Ash unfavorably to him?". Then it came to me.

    While there are a lot of reasons why Red is represented as an overly idealized trainer [You must learn those elsewhere], I think a big reason is this: Red is Ash's foil.

    A foil usually has negative traits to emphasize the protagonist's positives. But in this case, the roles are reversed. Red's positive traits are ...
  4. Pokemon Origins

    I've never really been one of those fans, so I'm pretty apathetic towards this whole thing. Fuck me, right?

    Anyways, I'm glad to see that the Red fanboys are crawling out of the woodworks. Yeah, yeah, we get it. Red's a better character than Ash. Not a very hard thing to be, if you ask me.

    And so what if Red isn't the black-haired, godlike Mary Sue depicted in Pixiv fanart? He feels more human and less detached this way. I mean, it's OK to idealize your characters sometimes, ...
  5. Mega Evolutions

    They're probably just going to kick them up to Ubers.

    This has happened before, guys. Remember Wobbuffet? He got kicked up to Ubers because he had a dumb ability. If they don't get out of hand, there's no problem. If they do get out of hand? Ubers it is, so only people who know they're going to fight overpowered Pokemon are going to fight them.

    Updated 9th August 2013 at 11:45 AM by Kree

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