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影の王 たそがれ

So... Youtube

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Okay, so I plan to join Youtube. Does anyone here know what Youtube is like? I just want to know.

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  1. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    Videos are great.

    Comments will alone make you love the internet and lose faith in humanity at the same time.
  2. Pyradox's Avatar
    My advice: On videos of cover songs, stay away from the comments.

    No, wait.

    My advice: Stay away from the comments.
  3. Setra's Avatar
    I use it mostly to keep up with series I like via subs.

    Also, comments. Stay away them if from you want to stay pure.
  4. Bill Cipher's Avatar
    Keep safty mode on, and turn off all comments on your videos. Some of the people on there are wild animals. 0___0


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