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影の王 たそがれ

I feel like doing a poll again because i'm bored.

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  1. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
  2. Koopa Jr's Avatar
  3. Karamazov's Avatar
    You ask this on a Pokemon forum. So obviously the answer will be Yu-Gi-Oh!
  4. ...'s Avatar
    ...Yu-gi-oh! all the way.....
  5. Akuraito's Avatar
    Yu-Gi-Oh!, for sure. [s]My III-sama...! ♥[/s]
  6. FinalArcadia's Avatar
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal in particular, but also GX and 5D's
  7. Momoka's Avatar
    YU-GI-OH! Zexal. And 5d's. And GX.
  8. Black Dragon's Avatar
    I vote Yu-Gi-Oh! as well. Wow, I never expected Yu-Gi-Oh! to win.
  9. Squall Leonhart's Avatar
    Yu-Gi-Oh!! Because of Zexal~ And 5d's.
  10. Reila's Avatar
  11. Sunburn's Avatar
    Pokemon, outnumbered? What is this world coming to D:

    MTG is a better TCG than Yu-Gi-Oh imo, but it doesn't have an anime adaptation :/
  12. Karisse's Avatar

    Then again, this is someone who doesn't have anyone to play YGO against ._.
  13. Anikasnow6's Avatar


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