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影の王 たそがれ

こんにちは!ここに私のブログです!私はあなたがそれをお楽しみくださ 私は一日3月4日のエントリについて投稿します!私は様々なものについて 稿!私は世論調査を掲載本当に好き!彼らは普通にポケモンについてです 時々他の事について 私はまた、竜の洞窟について投稿します!私は主だけでも私の卵を投稿 私のブログを購読してください!まあ、それは別れ、今のところはこれだ 私のエントリをお楽しみください!

  1. Hello all of you. I require help.

    by , 18th October 2013 at 09:56 PM (影の王 たそがれ)
    Yes, hello it is I TTK. That one dead guy everyone used to know. :P

    Anyways, I could really use some help. I play ROBLOX, and there is a competition. I want to win. I need you guys to possibly vote and help me out. o.o

    Here be the link. http://woobox.com/6gs8j6/vote/for/1499710 Thanks. o.o
  2. This is kinda lame...

    by , 6th August 2013 at 11:47 AM (影の王 たそがれ)
    ..Hahahah..well guys I'm going Creation fest like I did last year. So, I may be gone for 5 days. But, they have free-to-use computers there so I should be able to check in for an hour everyday. Welp, that's it.
  3. Haha..um hey guys remember me?

    by , 6th August 2013 at 12:46 AM (影の王 たそがれ)
    ...Hi guys..um wow it sure has been awhile huh? I'm really sorry about to being on for months on end, life's just been kinda crazy and I had to let go of Bulba for a while. But, I've cleared up most of the things in my way and will be on Bulba just as much as I used to. I can guarantee that. Anyways, it's been so long, and I'd love to catch up with you guys. I swear I'd mention you guys but..well username changes..

    So, in conclusion I would just like to say sorry for being a ...
  4. I be done with school... :3

    by , 14th June 2013 at 10:38 PM (影の王 たそがれ)
  5. So..ROBLOX was juuuuust hacked..

    by , 12th June 2013 at 06:49 PM (影の王 たそがれ)
    It was insaaaaane. Just about every hat (beside the limitieds.) was only 1 TIX...IT WAS SO AWESOME.
    For once..hackers..ain't half bad..

    * Feels like a nerd cuz no one probably playes ROBLOX.*
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