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I'm a Demi-Goddess.

Lyrebird is prettier than you.

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Now we got that cleared up. I love my sport, so with the help of alcohol I will in fact listen my NBA Rankings for the 2013-14 season. If you don't like it then okay.

Firstly I am prettier than you, so ha. But I'll get on point.


1. Miami Heat - No brainer with LeBron, Wade and Bosh and a decent pick up on Greg Oden if he does stay healthy. It will be interesting to see if Beasley can be healthy or at least avoid the pot. But I doubt the latter will actually happen. I think LeBron will have a better season and Wade will go down slowly. Prediction: 3 in a row and people will find other ways to make LeBron worse like he doesn't chew gum like Jordan.

2. Chicago Bulls - Rose is back and better than he was last season cause you know he was not playing last that worked out well for him because now he is fully healed. They have signed Deng and Butler to contracts but a great pickup that they had is Mike Dunleavy. The guy can shoot the 3's and add firepower to their bench since they lost Marco Belinelli and Nate Robinson. Prediction - ECF, Boozer going to get traded.

3. Indiana Pacers - They have a bench now? OMG that is amazing. Scola, Copeland, Watson. So expect them to be better. However Granger will have a lot pressure on him. Prediction - 2nd best defense in the league but lose out to Bulls in a tight one.

4. Brooklyn Nets - Garnett, Pierce, Lopez, Williams and Johnson with Kirilenko and Terry off the bench? Coolies. Not much to say but a lot of pressure is not on the players. It is on Jason Kidd who is their new coach, so everyone will be watching him rather than the team. They will surprise though. Prediction - Kidd has a good year. Johnson is forgotten.

5. Atlanta Hawks - Millsap for dirt cheap and got to keep Horford while getting rid of Josh Smith. It works out well. Korver is a great addition but they will lose to Nets anyway. Prediction - No one will realize they exist.

6. Washington Wizards - John Wall is back and better than ever. Explosive quickness but they have problem with their front court. However Wall himself with the help of Beal will get them into the playoffs. Prediction - No guns in the locker.

7. New York Knicks - Crazy team. Not much to say except it is crazy. Metta, JR Smith with Kenyon Martin? Oh dear. Prediction - Trainwreck with Bargs making Melo move to LA.

8. Detroit Pistons - Drummond, Monroe were great last season but everything else was poor. Add in Jennings and Josh Smith. It is going to be a good season for them. Prediction - Josh Smith decides to shoot jump shots. Drummond McCurdy will continue till his next contract.


9. Cleveland Cavs - Irving is solid but the team just reeks of eh. They will just miss out on the playoffs because Irving gets an injury. Prediction - Anthony Bennett is not a bust and Dan Gilbert prays to the Gods for LeBron.

10. Milwaukee Bucks - They will not miss Jennings cause they have Larry Sanders along with Ilyasova and Henson. Prediction - They exist because of the Greek Freek.

11. Toronto Raptors - Jonas Valaciun.....I can't spell his name. He will lead them to glory until DeRozen and Rudy Gay decide that chucking is fun. Prediction - Rudy gets traded.

12. Charlotte Bobcats - Al Jefferson is terrible on defense but at least it beats Biyombo and Mullens. Jefferson gains them respectability with Walker and Kidd-Gilchrist. Jordan is still a jerk to people. Prediction - Al Jefferson learns to play some defense under Steve Clifford.


13. Orlando Magic - Their young core will actually win games until their coach decides to play their rookie as center and let Vucevic run the point. Seriously though they have good talent on their roster and they will win games - Prediction: Tobias Harris for MIP.

14. Boston Celtics - They are really bad to look at. I mean Brad Stevens is just going to be like "I wish Lyrebird was coaching this team" but I would like no way. Prediction - Operation Shut down Rondo begins after ASG when he is traded.

15. Philadelphia 76ers - Errr well they are looking to win the Wiggins game, so they are just putrid to look at. Reminds me of that guy who gave me roses on Valentines Day and I gave them to my friend. Anyway I feel so sorry for coach Brett Brown because he is a top coach. Prediction - Will Smith is crying. Kwame Brown actually does something.


1. San Antonio Spurs - They are the best of the West and nearly won the championship until Ray Allen played it like Playstation. So Tony Parker had a great offseason for France and he will just do the same thing in the NBA. Their bench will get better and They got Marco Belinelli - Prediction - Coach Pop pisses off the press

2. LA Clippers - Golly they have a bench. Dudley, Redick and Bullock. They have Mullens which is minus. I expect DeAndre to be something of decent and Blake to have a mid range. CP3 will be go into beast mode and destroy Melo's happiness and Lakers. Prediction - Cliff Paul gets fired for fraud.

3. Memphis Grizzlies - What? Lyrebird No OKC? Surely something is wrong? Yes several things. Grizzlies just have made little changes minus the coaching one but they are just so damn likable. They have the DPOTY, three great defensive players and a Z-Bo. The problem is their shooting and if Mike Miller can stand up. I expect he will be used sparingly but I think they will be fine because they are just so damn good at what they do. Playoffs though....different story - Prediction - Zach Randolph acts like a Grizzly and mauls Blake Griffin.

4. OKC Thunder - Minus points for not addressing Kevin Martin leaving and Perkins actually staying. They will be without Westbrook for a while and we saw no matter how much he chucks, Westbrook is way more important than we thought. Durant will be scoring like Wilt Chamberlain and Charlie Sheen. Jeremy Lamb is looking good as well - Prediction - Thabeet will lead the league in fouls per game.

5. Golden State Warriors - HEAT CHECK? STEPHEN CURRY. This time they have Andre Iguodala and Andy Bogut in healthy form. David Lee will be good and so on. It's all about Curry to be honest. Prediction - Andris Biedrins is still on the team

6. Houston Rockets - Okay I'm tired but Dwight and Harden will be good but overrated. Lin is sub average and Chandler Parsons is nice. Prediction - Beverley to be playing when a PG gets injured, Asik to be traded

7. Dallas Mavericks - Dirk Time. IT'S DIRK TIME. He will have a great season with Jose Calderon as his help. I wonder if they will use the pick and rolls but I doubt it. Monta Ellis is a terrible shooter but we will see if that continues. Prediction - Vince Carter dunks on 3 players in the season and hits 4 3 point buzzer beaters. Cuban laughs at people.

8. Minnesota Timberwolves - Ricky and Pekovic. That's just pick and roll fun right there. It should be a good season for them if they can stay healthy and keep Kahn away. Kevin Love is due to reach the playoffs. Prediction - Kevin Love gets injured and doesn't play in the playoffs.


9. Denver Nuggets - No Iggy, No Karl, No Koufos and they brought in Nate Robinson? Why? I don't know but with Gallinari out for a while they will struggle badly. Like really struggle, so we will see how Brian Shaw does with JaVale McGee. It is going to be crazy. Prediction - Gallinari comes back better looking and JaVale does 43 stupid things the whole season on court.

10. Portland Trailblazers - They have a bench but it is still not good enough. Aldridge is a talent and so is Lillard. I wish they can be in the playoffs but it is tough to choose. One thing I'll give them credit for is that they made Mo Williams seem even more stupid. Prediction - Injuries, Injuries and injuries.

11. New Orleans Pelicans - Again it is so hard to pick but I give them this spot because Eric Gordon and Anthony Davis are going to be excellent this season and they have Jrue Holiday. I love that they play Ryan Anderson as a stretch 4 but are they too small against Spurs, Grizzlies and Clippers? Only time can tell. Prediction - Playoffs next season.

12. LA Lakers - No Kobe for a while and they have D'Antoni still. Yeah this isn't looking good for them. However Dwight is gone which doesn't make a difference. They have Nick Young and Chris Kaman which doesn't help as well. Prediction - Pau gets traded


13. Utah Jazz - Kanter and Favors. One problem though. They have no PG since Trey Burke is injured and their coach is Tyrone Corbin who isn't bad but c'mon his rotations are weird. Prediction - Burke comes back and looks dandy. Corbin still has the job.

14. Sac-Town Kings - Boogie fever. They have Vasquez which is cool and they should grow. Not a bad thing but in the Orlando mold as they will win games because they have a decent roster but the talent isn't there. Prediction - In your face Seattle?

15. Phoenix Suns - Why is Dragic and Bledsoe playing as 5 and 4. Why do they have two Morris bros and I can't be stuffed with team. Prediction - Gortat will bag out his team....will get traded.

Lyrebird is not a sports expert but she likes defense in the NBA ironically she also likes Al Jefferson for no reason. Still thinks that LeBron is a better team player than Jordan as he hasn't punched his teammate yet. Thinks Marc Gasol is better than Dwight Howard and thinks she could coach better than Mike D'Antoni in her dreams. Loved seeing Stockton and Malone run the pick n' rolls.

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  1. Jolene's Avatar
    I don't know much about what you're talking about, but congrats on your first blog!
  2. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    Get drunk more often.
  3. Lyrebird's Avatar
    I got Gortat right dammit.
  4. Axe to Fall's Avatar
    The Heat>>>>>
    And of course the Knicks are doing terribly this season. What a surprise.....


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