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I'm a Demi-Goddess.

I'm a salad bowl

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I am a salad bowl. I am full of vegetables, fruit, some meat I guess, maybe some cheese (Kind of depends on which type of salad) and some dressing (again depends on which type of salad)

I have been mixed in with tongs and it maybe me feel swirly. I feel like salad bowls are given a bad rap these days, I mean we help out dinner and lunch or whatever meal you want that isn't bad. We are easy to clean and easy to store unless you are a small kitchen which is totally your fault.

I am a salad bowl. So yeah think about that. Well actually don't because then you'll be confused and we don't want that to happen at all. I am not leaving though, so you have to live with it. LIVE WITH IT and so on and so forth. I want to actually by one, so that would be nice. I have to actually find out which type of salad bowl I want because they have different yet certain characteristics and then you have to decide on which brand because brands matter. You don't want a cheap set otherwise it looks tacky.

Hard task finding a salad bowl that fits my style.

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  1. Peter Quill's Avatar
    Go home you're drunk.
    Updated 22nd February 2014 at 11:35 PM by Peter Quill
  2. Lyrebird's Avatar
    No, you are the drunk.
  3. Peter Quill's Avatar
    This is about you, not me.
  4. Lyrebird's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Blake Belladonna
    This is about you, not me.
    Is it? Is it really? Don't make me turn you into a salad bowl.


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