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I'm a Demi-Goddess.

Conceited but I'm earned it.

Please don't try and think when reading my blogs. You will only confuse yourself.

  1. If I was a car!

    I wonder which brand I would be? Or if I was actually a car or a not car. One day I want to date a guy who gives great foot and shoulder massages.

    I hate Arthur. Losey beatnik aardvark and his beatnik friends except for the really smart dude. He is cool. I blame Arthur in life. Lack of respect to the teacher.

    Also that teacher in Magic School Bus has issues. Maybe she needs to get a pay rise or a better job. I think there was a Dominican or a Mexican in that group. ...
  2. Lyrebird life

    Another Q&A session since I'm moderately bored and I'm just bored.

    You can ask as many questions as you like and I will answer them unless they are offensively offensive or way too personal then I'm not going answer it.

    This is your time to get to know me...

    This is so much easier at parties.
  3. I want to be a professional surfer

    It would be so awesome. I could totally travel the world and surf. You know like being with the waves. Then I could be sponsored and I can model surfing attire.

    I know how to surf but I can always dream about being a pro surfer. I love the beach and I love to surf but I always wanted to be a professional basketballer, tennis player, footballer (soccer), swimmer, skier, snowboarder or a field hockey player. Oh well.
  4. Two things I want in Pokemon

    1. You have to start with a Geodude. Why? I do not know except it is a Geodude. Or maybe you have to start with no Pokemon and sit there and stare at your TV while Mr. Mimes steal your pots and pans. Totally hate mimes.

    2. You can choose who to be friends with. That means no Cheren, Bianca, Hugh, well everyone but Blue. Blue and I would be tight like platonic relationship. Then we will send Professor Oak into a retirement home.

    3. Cant I steal a fishing rod from a fisherman? ...
  5. Oh Wilson & Pete Carroll

    That play call.

    The call that cost the Super Bowl.

    Oh dear.

    Updated 1st February 2015 at 10:36 PM by Lyrebird

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