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As you right remember, there was a place in the TCG called Holon. A bunch of people came looking for Mew, and in doing that, built a giant tower that uses the natural magnetic properties of the island. This created electro-magnetic waves, which messed with the Pokemon's types, like turning a Pidgeot normally Normal/Flyinginto a Electric/Steel type. You can see an Aerodactyl flying over Holon in a card. There are also Kabuto, and more fossil Pokemon.
First of all, where did the Fossil Pokemon come from? It takes a big machine to create them, and everyone who came was too busy looking for treasure, crystals, or Mew. The only rational explanation is that someone brought it over from another region. They would have had to released it because you "catch" it when you get the card. Who would bring a bunch of rare fossil Pokemon over just to release them all? Maybe they all survived somehow. After all, an Aerodactyl did take Ash away once.
Next question. How would electro-magnetic waves mess with a Pokemon's DNA? It's not like Pokemon have metals in their DNA. I know, Steel Pokemon might. Steel Pokemon are the least effected by it which means... I read on Bulbapedia about these islands in Holon which says:
"Described as being on the very edge of the horizon (hence the name EX Dragon Frontiers), these islands are a habitat where natural Delta Species Pokémon '''So Delta Species aren't natural?''' thrive. This is reflected in the cards featured in the expansion, as fully-evolved δ Delta Species Pokémon remain purely one type, as opposed to being partially Metal-type. It is possible that these Pokémon evolved to become δ Delta Species naturally or the trait was outbred." My comments are in '''.

What is with Holon?

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