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Today's Pachirisu Day!

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I'm back, and today's Pachirisu Day! Have you been read the last post?

Appearently, those creative Japanese artists found that Pachirisu has its name portion, Pachi, sounds similar to "Hachi", meaning 8, so they made Pachirisu Day on August 8, which also includes 8. This year, I also saw some artists in Pixiv posting works about this.

For Pachirisu itself, it looks more distant from being a Pikachu ripoff (not a mouse or hamster, but a squirrel), instead it has its own entity, according to my theory. It's also the second squirrel-based
Pokémon, after flying-squirrel-like Sentret.

Pachirisu is also the first Electric-type Pokémon since Pikachu that a main character in the anime (Dawn in the Diamond and Pearl anime series) has ever owned. Kellyn, a Pokémon Ranger, has a Pachirisu, but his Pachirisu has never seen nor heard in the anime, making Dawn's Pachirisu the only one of its species seen in the anime. I would like to see more Pachirisu in the Pokémon anime in the future.

I want an Emolga Day. And yes, here's one.

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