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by , 19th December 2013 at 09:41 PM (325 Views)
I'm gonna get my cousin either X or Y for Christmas. Problem is, I never found out which he wanted.

I'm not too certain about what kind of Pokemon he prefers, but he has Platinum, HeartGold, Black, and White 2, if that helps.

So which should I get him?

EDIT: Oh, I can't really ask him. I'm not gonna just call him up the day before my family Christmas and ask him which he'd prefer, 'cause then he'd probably figure it out. I've never gotten anyone anything for Christmas before, so I want it to be a surprise when he and my niece--who I'm getting Y for 'cause my grandmother got her X--each open up a gift from yours truly and...well, yeah.

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  1. GastonGibus's Avatar
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    It really all depends on his personal tastes. Looking at all the version exclusives, There's a good mix of everything in the games you have listed, so it's really hard to tell. I'd lean towards Pokemon X, seeing as he opted to get Reshiram twice by picking Black and then White 2, and Xerneas is similar to Reshiram in terms of the whole "Good vs Evil" type thing that X/Y have.

    I'd probably find some subtle way to ask him though. Ask him which Mega Charizard is his favorite. xD
  2. Rithirh's Avatar
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    X and Y only differ by 20 Pokemon so you're probably safe either way though I personally prefer Y myself. Plus with the GTS it's easier than ever to get the version exclusive Pokemon you don't have so the deciding factor may very well be which mega stones your cousin prefers. Sorry if this doesn't actually help any...
  3. Team Gaara's Avatar
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    If he's got Black and White 2, I'd get him X for no other reason than that those are the games my sister chose and she has X (I got Heartgold).

    Plus, version exclusives tend to keep being exclusive in most of the games, so you could also just choose based on which exclusives are consistent with the games he has and either X or Y.
  4. Jolene's Avatar
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    Get him Y because X sucks.
  5. Jdog1020's Avatar
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    Get him a gift card so he can buy which one he wants. (It also helps if someone already got him the game.)
  6. Xita's Avatar
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    Get him X because Y sucks.


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