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Here I go...

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From now on, I'm starting BMGf again! I've reset everything I can, deleted all my blog entries, albums, and all that.

So, I'm Hilbert, nice to meet you all~

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  1. SquishyFace's Avatar
    Wait. Wat? You're starting over? AWESOME!
  2. Murkmire's Avatar
    Hello, hello. Nice to meet'cha. :)
  3. Jolene's Avatar
    From an actual n00b to a fake n00b. Welcome!
  4. Karisse's Avatar

    Nice to meet you, too, Hilbert. ^^
  5. OceanicWildfire's Avatar
    Hello Hilbert! Welcome to the forums! I hope you have a fun time posting and if you ever want to chat, drop me a visitor message on my page!
  6. guardian468's Avatar
    Hi! Hilbert! Nice to meet you!
  7. Koukoubean's Avatar
    Hello, Hilbert! Welcome to the forums. Nice to meet you and if you want to be friends, I'm here to talk if you want to do so. :)
  8. Polkadot Jolteon's Avatar
    "Welcome" to the forums! Don't get killed or anything!
  9. Likeitornot.'s Avatar
    Yo, Hilbert, have fun around the forums!


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